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Ylioppilasmiekkailijat ry (Student Fencers) is a University fencing club founded in 1948. YM continues the fencing legacy of the Turku Academy which is more than three hundred years old tradition of student fencing. Our club members are mainly students.

The 2017 membership fee and facility charges:
– The membership fee is 30 euros
– Sport Hall payment Spring 60 euros
– Sport Hall payment fall 60 euros

Bag and storage cabinet payments:
– cabinet storage underneath the basketball grandstand, 28 euros/cabinet
– YM cabinet, 5 euros/bag

Payment Details
Beneficiary: Ylioppilasmiekkailijat ry
Account No.: FI41 1010 3001 0770 15 Nordea
Reference No.: 123

The university sports fee is not required.

Ylioppilasmiekkailijat train in all three weapons, epee, foil and sabre. Our activities also include theatrical fencing.

Ylioppilasmiekkailijat train at Töölö sports hall (except summer season):

  • On Tuesdays at 19-21
  • On Wednesdays at 17-19
  • On Thursdays at 19-21 (usually reserved for the beginners’ course)
  • On Fridays at 19-21

Ylioppilasmiekkailijat and Helsingin Miekkailijat started collaboration with foil trainings during fall 2013 and it is still continued. Following HFM trainings in West Pasila (Kyllikinkatu 10) are open for Ylioppilasmiekkailijat:

  • On Sundays at 18-20
  • On Fridays at 19-21 (sparring)

Ylioppilasmiekkailijat train at Töölö sports hall during the summer season:

  • On Tuesdays, at 19-21



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